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According to the World Health Organization, Neurological Disorders affect up to one billion people worldwide. These disorders come with their own unique set of challenges.

Right Diagnosis?

Up to 33% of Neurological disorders are misdiagnosed. With more than 1,000 disorders of the brain and nervous system, they are difficult to correctly identify for even the most experienced physicians. Symptoms may sound similar but differences can have huge effects on your treatment plan and prognosis. Ensure your diagnosis is correct with a second opinion from one of our world class neurologists.

Right Treatment?

We recruit only the top neurologists in the US, who are committed to providing the most advanced neurologic care. Our physicians are leaders in their field, many are pioneers in the field of Neurology. From robotic brain surgery to new therapies for spinal cord injury, the field of neurology is constantly evolving. Let our experienced physicians help you decide on a course of treatment and explore all of your options.

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0% of our cases result in a change or correction in diagnosis
0% of our cases result in a revised treatment plan
0% reduction in indirect healthcare costs
0% ROI in gross healthcare costs when there’s any change in diagnosis/treatment plan
0% ROI in gross healthcare costs when there’s a significant change in diagnosis/treatment

But it’s not about numbers to us, it’s about your care. See one of our Harvard-affiliated physicians today.

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