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Why Us?

Top Doctors

We recruit only the best doctors in their respective specialities and maintain rigorous standards

Quickest Turnaround

Receive a consultation from one of the world’s top specialists within 5 business days

Seamless Technology

Our innovative video platform connects patients anywhere in the world to doctors with just the touch of a button

Dedicated Care Team

Multidisciplinary Team of experienced medical professionals who work with patients every step of the way

Our 5 Step Process


Submit second opinion video consultation request and medical records.


A dedicated member of our Care Team will review your records & images.


Our Care Team member will select the most suited specialist for your case.


Secure, HIPAA-compliant video consultation takes place.


Consult summary is provided.

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We Change Lives

0% of our cases result in a change or correction in diagnosis
0% of our cases result in a revised treatment plan
0days average turnaround time

But it’s not just about numbers to us, it’s about your care.

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Patients Love Us

Kathleen was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia and chose a multidisciplinary consultation with us. With her primary physician, they were able to develop a plan that led to remission.


Xue was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. Xue’s specialist provided re-assurance for Xue’s mother that she was free to try any activity as tolerated and stressed that Xue should try to lead a life as normal as possible.


Andrew was only 25 when he was diagnosed with colon cancer. He sought a second opinion with one of our most experienced gastrointestinal oncologists, which provided Andrew with two treatment options previously unaware to him. Andrew ultimately elected one of the new options provided to him during consultation.


Physicians Love Us

InfiniteMD is changing the way specialty medicine is accessed in China and around the world.

InfiniteMD gives patients the opportunity to save time and money by getting a world-class second opinion before booking a trip to the United States.

Getting a second opinion is always a good thing; and InfiniteMD makes it easy to consult and connect with some of The Best Doctors in The World.

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